Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 8

So I didn't get to go again because I'm still sick but my dad went to go see him. Plus my husband and mother in law. Baby steps but good baby steps! So he was moving a lot more. The nurse even commented that he was so different than yesterday! He SUCKED on his pacifier!! Alex made me a video I could watch it he was moving and pushing against their hands with his feet. Oh and holding their finger! They said he's doing so wonderful. They are even thinking of doing a bottle soon. They upped his feedings to 12mL. And thinking of upping their feedings again! I better keep on pumping. It's hard to keep up with him! He's 6lbs 13 oz which he was born 5lbs6oz. So he's getting to be a fat man!! Hoping tomorrow Justin and I feel better so I can go see my little man. 


  1. I'm so glad to see all this good news Amber!! Yay!! I'm thinking of you guys often. I can't believe how much weight he's gaining! Kaelin was 2 oz more than him when she was born, but now he's a whole pound bigger than her & is 2 weeks younger than her! Crazy!! And yay for the pacifier! That'll be good if he can take the bottle too. He's doing such a great job!! :)

  2. I am loving all the positive news about Austin! I know that you are even more overjoyed than I am!

  3. wtg Austin, keep up the good work buddy!!