Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 5

So today we went to the hospital today he has a catheter now which was sad thinking about it. I thought about when I had to have one how much it hurt but thinking about my little man having one breaks my heart! They are trying to get his sodium levels to a good spot but when they do that he won't pee so it's hit or miss it seems when it comes to it. If his sodium levels are good he won't pee so they are trying to get it even. They tested his gag reflex and he gagged a little bit!!!! So there is hope. The neurologist that I spoke to today was hopeful and so was his nurse betsy. So it was great.

They will be doing an ultrasound of his heart soon they don't see anything wrong with it but they want to make sure since he had all these problems that he doesn't have anything else wrong so they are giving him the whole work up. Justin got to touch his little brother. And Austin RESPONDED!!!!! He started to move around today and the nurse said he's been more responsive towards things. Still not opening his eyes but that's alright. It's only day five of this little mans life.

Tomorrow my whole family is going up there. My brother is in town from San Diego on leave, his girlfriend, my nanny, aunt, cousin, my uncle, lea anne, grandma kiyo and of course us are all going down there to see him. Oh and my daddy. My mom is going to take care of Justin and my cousin since my cousin can't go in. Hope to hold my baby boy tomorrow.

Having a hard day today I really want my baby boy in my arms. It's my first time home since I had him and seeing all his stuff around makes me hurt. I seen his bassinet and ebgan to cry. I seen his swing and bouncer and want to be putting him in it. I want my baby home and wish it was before thanksgiving.  I don't see it happening but really hope before christmas. I have a lot of people praying for us and so glad we have so much love and support from everyone. I know mom, dad and our friends are sharing our story. Thank you guys for those who are praying for us. We appreciate it. And I'm glad you are reading about our little bundle of joy. Thank you again.

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  1. I'm so glad that he is making these improvements! God is great and He is showing us how He works by helping Austin over come this situation and all he has in front of him!
    Amber, I am so hopeful that he will make a full recovery and reading about even these little things that he is doing proves how strong he is. you never think that you would get so excited over your baby gagging!!
    I'm thinking about you hun and I wait to wait to see updates from you on how he is doing. I wish I could be there for you and with you to help you. I'm here for you momma!