Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 11

So today I called to see if they had the results from the EEG (See's if he is having seizure activity or not) and it came back negative! It doesn't mean if he comes off his anti seizure medicine he'll be better but means the tremors he was having wasn't seizures. AWESOME! OH and more good news!! He took 13mL of my breast milk by mouth today. They had to do the other 12mL by his feeding tube but small steps. His sucking is still a bit weak but they said they've been having him practice with his pacifier! So good news so far:)

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  1. hey Amber I just wanted to tell you you guys are in my thoughts and prayers! Also Matt had a similar experience with what we thought at the time were seizures but ended up being muscle spasms from having low levels of calcium. I'm not saying that's what Austin has but just saying that it makes sense with you saying he wasn't getting enough nutrients. With Matt his body just needed a little time to catch up and now his levels are fine! So hopefully, that's all Austin needs too is just some time. I'm really glad to hear that he's improving each day and I really do hope he gets to come home to you soon! keep your head up you are doing really well with all this