Sunday, January 23, 2011

12 weeks old

It has been forever since I last wrote on here. I'm so glad I decided to do it again. Austin is 12 weeks old today and at his neuronatal appointment he was 9lbs 4oz. He has been growing up so much. He still has his g tube, he is eating now 60 mLs per 3 hours. Which is up 15mLs since he's been out of the hospital. He's slowly but surely growing. 

Here is my little boy he is getting so big he's came so far in so little time. He is on another new medicine called Keppra. We think he's having seizures again. We have to call tomorrow to schedule his EEG through the neurology department this may end up in a 24 hour one which means he would have to be admitted. This would break my heart so much if he had to be admitted again. He has been having a lot of visitors since he has been out. He came home by the way 8 days before Christmas! So exciting. 

He goes to urologist this coming month so that we can get him looked at so he can be circumsized.  He has to go see the Ear/Throat/Nose doctor because he always sounds like he's congested and they think it's because he has something wrong with his throat. He has to get an ultrasound done because they think he might have hip displasia (sp). So that's something and we are going to physical medicine as well. They will be dealing with his hypertinisity and his valium control. SO a lot going on with him.

Justin is about to be 2 years old! His actual birthday is February 2nd but his birthday party is this coming Saturday. I can't wait! I can't believe almost 2 years has gone by since I became a mommy. I hope to update more soon! 


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